Legionaires are entrusted with the duty of managing the posts operations.

Fellow Post 600 Champlin Legion Members.

First of all we would like to thank all of our Post 600 members for your many years of contributions and support to the American Legion, and our Post.

It’s been quite some time since you last heard from us.  This newsletter is being sent to inform you as to what has been happening at your Post.  YES we are open.  We have an active bar, pull tabs, kitchen, and we still have live music on Friday and Saturday nights.

As you know, in the summer of 2011, due to our financial struggles, it was voted on by the members at a General Membership meeting to close the Post and put the building up for sale.  The ultimate goal was to use the profits from the sale of the property to pay off existing debts, and to build a smaller, more cost effective facility, or to lease a space to be our Post home.   Closing of our Post would not affect Post 600 from functioning as a Legion Post, it would mean that we would just be losing our Post home, and the members of the Legion, Ladies Auxiliary, and the SAL would hold their membership meetings at other locations until another facility was obtained.

A Post meeting was called prior to the set closing date to announce our potential closing. The members in attendance from the Legion, Ladies Auxiliary, and the SAL spoke up.   They all said that they realized that it would be a hard uphill struggle, but wanted to see the Post stay open and try to make a go of it.  After a long discussion it was decided to keep the Post home open, and do all that we could to make it survive.

We have continued to function as a Legion Post by providing our services at funerals, parades, and have been represented at rallies and other 10th District Legion functions.  Members of the Post have represented us in the Father Hennepin Days Parade, the Twin Cities Heroes parade in downtown Minneapolis and the Dayton Heritage Days Parade.


What’s going on at the Post now:

·         Currently we have suspended our by-laws, and the Post is being governed by a “Post Committee” made up of 9 elected Post members.  The forming of a Post Committee was a suggestion made by our 10th District Commander Bill Stump, who by the way has been very helpful with his guidance and support to see that Post 600 stays strong and goes forward. 

The reason for forming a committee was due to the fact that we did not have enough active member participation to fill a slate of officers, or fill committee member’s slots. 

The Post Committee handles all the responsibilities of the Officers of the Post, Executive Board, Gambling Committee, Housing Committee, and oversee the food and bar operations.

This Committee will remain in place until we can elect a full slate of officers, or the Post Members deem the Committee unnecessary.

The Committee handles the above mentioned responsibilities, but the membership still has the final say by vote at the General membership meetings on all recommendations and motions made or passed by the committee.

·         Currently all staffing at the Post (bookkeeping, cleaning, bartending etc.) is being done by volunteers.  We are carrying no paid positions, thus saving the Post a major expense.  Also in doing so we have been able to pay off a majority of our debts.

·         Our current Pull-Tab operation is leased and operated by Champlin Park Baseball Association.  CPBA is also featuring meat spins on Friday night (start time 5:00).

·         We have Friday and Saturday night bands for your entertainment.

·         Nightly drink specials

·         Visit our Post Website at www.champlinlegion.org  


Looking towards the future:

·         A major step which we had been undertaking to gain stability was that we were in negotiations with Carousel Bingo on a lease agreement for the leasing of our Hall.  This would have been a major step towards helping us with our financial stability.  Unfortunately, at the last minute, Carousel withdrew from the negotiations, citing the state of the economy, etc.  While this was a disappointing blow, we have stood strong and have moved forward, once again taking Hall reservations, and working on other ways to bolster our stability.  With the continued membership, patronage and support of our members, we can succeed and survive.

·         We would also like to obtain email addresses from members that have access to email in order to provide an online Newsletter, upcoming events, contact you on issues concerning the Post, or to respond to questions you may have.  If possible we would like it if you could stop by the Post and leave your contact information –address (if changed), telephone number, and email address so that we can update our membership book. (you can also call or mail your information to us)

·         We are also looking for volunteers to assist with general cleaning and repairs.

In order for us to be a strong functioning American Legion Post, we need your membership, your patronage, and your support.  There is strength in numbers, and your voice needs to be heard at the General Membership meetings regarding issues that may arise, or when decisions need to be made.  Our General Membership meetings are still the second Tuesday of every Month at 7:30pm.  (Attend the meeting – enjoy the camaraderie and a free drink)

To those of you who have already renewed your 2013 membership –thank you, and those who have not yet done so –please do, we need you. 

Again we would like to thank each and every one of you for your past and present support to the American Legion and to Post 600.

God Bless you, God Bless America, and God Bless our Troops


Thank You

Post 600 Post Committee Members


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